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    Simulation and patient safety

    This resource has been developed to support the communication of the benefits of simulation in healthcare to anyone interested in accessing or understanding simulation, and to help demonstrate the value it brings to organisations beyond being an education tool. The benefits of simulation in healthcare are obvious to those who deliver and participate in simulation experiences, but because the cost to provide quality simulation is often much more than providing traditional teaching methods, the value it provides to an organisation may not be immediately appreciated by executive teams. The department believes the evidence that links simulation to patient safety can help to demonstrate that value. Included is a quick guide to developing an elevator pitch, to support people to be prepared when there is an opportunity to promote a simulation program or idea. There are also some key statements and references to support messages about the benefits of simulation. Case studies have been contributed by our simulation community to provide you with ideas and insights into different simulation programs, as well as tips around how to get buy-in for simulation programs.
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    Sustainability blueprint, tools and templates

    The Sustainability blueprint has been prepared to assist project leads and their organisations to develop sustainability plans to optimise the use of assets for clinical placement programs. The blueprint provides an overarching framework for organisations to use in the design of their sustainability plans, taking a step-by-step approach that begins with an assessment of the project’s external and internal environments, provides guidance on cost optimisation and revenue enhancement, and concludes with an outline of some specific actions (strategies) for achieving financial sustainability. The blueprint contains information on the sustainability challenge and methods and tools to assist lead organisations to respond to the uncertainty of their funded projects. Accompanying the blueprint is a worked case study and a range of templates and tools designed to provide hands-on practical assistance to project leads and organisations as they develop their sustainability plans.
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    Student led feedback model

    Funding acknowledgment CMW_2015 The 'Student led feedback model' project aimed to improve feedback processes for students and supervisors through the development of an interdisciplinary student led feedback model. The model provides a structured, time efficient and consistent approach to formative feedback. The tool assisted to clarify student expectations and roles and provided a mechanism for documenting and following up progress. The model enhanced the ability of supervisors, regardless of their experience or training, to provide consistent feedback of a high quality and was implemented across disciplines and across placement settings.

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