• 02 MAY 16
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    Clinical skills in hospitals projects

    These projects designed and developed training packages for clinical skills trainers in Victorian hospitals, including clinical skills facilitator manuals and clinical skills training manuals. These manuals provide Victorian health professionals – specifically, hospital clinical educators – with the skills, knowledge and resources to deliver simulation-based clinical skills training.

    The Clinical Skills Facilitator’s (Train-the-Trainer) Basic Course focuses on educators who currently use or intend to use part-task trainers to teach clinical skills and the basics of scenario training. The Clinical Skills Facilitator’s (Train-the-Trainer) Advanced Course is for participants who have completed the Basic Course and who would like to progress to the advanced skills required to conduct medium-fidelity simulation training. The information in this manual is provided to compliment training content in the Basic Course and is a resource for the workplace.

    The eleven clinical skills training manuals are currently under review and updated to reflect current practice. They will be made available once complete, throughout 2016. If you are interested in receiving notification when these updated manuals are available, please email peopleinhealth@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

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