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    Implementation of the BPCLE Framework: public health services’ experiences

    The Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) Framework is a performance-monitoring quality framework that provides guidance to health services in partnership with their education provider partners to ensure consistency and excellence in health education clinical learning environments. The overarching objective of the BPCLE Framework is to ensure a quality clinical learning environment for students undertaking clinical training. Implementation of the Framework is facilitated by BPCLEtool, a web-based system.

    All Victorian health services and clinical placement providers are eligible to access and use BPCLEtool to assess and monitor the quality of their clinical learning environments. Public health services commenced implementation of the Framework in 2014, and are required to report annually against externally reportable indicators in the Framework.

    These videos present the experiences of three Victorian public health services in implementing the Framework at their organisation: Austin Health, Bendigo Health Care Group and Eastern Health.

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