• 23 JUN 16
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    The impact of face-to-face and web-based simulation on patient deterioration and patient safety

    This study aims to address patient safety in relation to first responders’ ‘failure to rescue’ deteriorating patients with a focus on enhancing the assessment and management of clinical deterioration. A face-to-face and web-based educational program known as First2Act has demonstrated an impact on educational outcomes and in a preliminary study, a significant impact on clinical performance. The objectives of this study are to measure and compare the cost-effectiveness and clinical impact on in-situ face-to-face and web-based simulation programs in the management of patient deterioration and related patient outcomes.

    It is anticipated that the program will reduce the number of in-hospital adverse events, length of stay and hospital costs whilst adding to our understanding of the barriers and enablers to effective decision-making in clinical deterioration and the utility of simulation in the preparation of first responders.

    To read the Final Report of this project and view the publications and resources linked to First2Act, please visit http://first2actweb.com/index.php/resources.

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